Geoff Palmer

"I knock the mud off my boots and turn it into music. . . . Or the snow, or the sand! Explorations of different corners of the earth usually lead to new pieces - England and Scotland of course, but also in France (Paradis moins cinq), Italy (La Maèsta), Norway (Moskenesøy), Oman (Seas Not Mingling), Poland . . . New things have come from all of these places"

"The sky inspires me - doubly! Both looking down from the sky from a glider and looking from the earth into the night sky - with its array of cosmic phenomena which are often the model for musical processes in my composition"

Angel in a thermal (the second movement of the clarinet quintet Angel Music) tries to capture the serenity of flight. Mu Ara (full orchestra) and Flute Concerto: Cancri 55 (flute and chamber orchestra) both attempt description of exoplanets - the planets around other suns which we are rapidly gaining more knowledge about.
...and dreams

"My hero is the poet-composer Caedmon, who lived in Whitby in the 7th century. Caedmon was a cowhand, but one day he was challenged in a dream to 'sing of the creation of all things'. Quite a tall order that, but he managed it in his dream - and he remembered his song the next day! That kind of achievement - bringing into reality the musical visions I am privileged to have - is what lies behind all of my work."

Palmer's "A Caedmon Symphony" was premièred at The Music Hall in Aberdeen in November 2012

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